Get Your Screen Printed Shirts from Ink Monkey Graphics

If you need a screen printer, you should use Ink Monkey Graphics in Davis, CA. They do amazing work, have lots of shirt options, and have some of the best customer services we’ve experienced from a business, anywhere! Davis Bike Polo has worked with Ink Monkey for over two years, and we couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for our screen printing needs. We’ve done some pretty complicated orders with different color shirts, shirt styles and sizes, and not once have they gotten an order wrong.

Need more reasons to work with them? Here you go:Ink Monkey Graphics Davis

    • They ship
    • They do orders as small as 12 shirts!
    • They give shirt discounts on large orders
    • They are a small local business
    • They’ll never get impatient with your questions or complicated orders
    • They are friendly, you’ll want to hangout longer then it takes to place your order 😉

If you’re interested in using Ink Monkey as your printer, give them a call or send them an email: