Player Profile: Adam

“Player Profiles” is a new blog series Davis Bike Polo will be doing to feature its players, their stories and experiences in bike polo! Stay tuned to meet the crew here in Davis!

This week you get to meet, Adam! He’s a lefty and is planning on playing in the Davis Bike Polo Rookie Tournament in May! Watch out for this slayer!


How did you first get involved in bike polo?

Learned about it from an old co-worker,  went to Sunday pickup and was hooked.

What was your first impression of bike polo?

This looks tricky.  Everyone I saw playing was at a pretty high skill level.  My bike skills were ok as I had been riding a road bike for about 3 years prior, but I had never ridden in a situation where everyone was riding so fast right next to each other… with mallets.

What’s it like to be a bike polo player?

It’s great!  You become much more confident and comfortable riding bikes, as well as improve your hand eye coordination.  You get to meet a lot of great players from around the country and the world.

What do you find most challenging about playing bike polo?

Going fast, playing against really good players, not falling.

What’s do you like best about bike polo?

Going fast, scoring goals, meeting new people, eating snacks.

Who are your bike polo heroes? Why?

Abe and Jen for introducing me to the sport and being so awesome with knowledge and lending equipment and overall enthusiasm and encouragement.


What would you tell someone who is thinking about trying bike polo?

Give it a shot, you’ll meet some pretty cool people.

What do you think will (or needs to) change in bike polo over the next few years?

Players will get faster, the community will grow. What needs to change- better organization, better reffing, more bike polo specific products.

What do you do when you aren’t playing bike polo?

Go surfing, ride my bike, work on bikes.

Any goals you’ve set for yourself this coming season?

Go faster, score more goals, gain confidence riding clipless.

What piece of advice would you give someone just starting out in polo?

Ask questions, have fun, surround yourself with awesome players.  Don’t get discouraged as the learning curve is pretty steep. Have fun!